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Lastic® 90 Fine

The tried and true Lastic® line of products includes classic elastomeric precision impression materials based on C silicone. Lastic® Xtra Putty is a kneadable preliminary impres- sion material, Lastic® function Medium is a medium-viscosity functional impression material, and Lastic® 90 Fine is a low-viscosity impression material.



Lastic® 90 Fine is highly recommended for:

  • Two-step impressions
  • Reline impressions

Not available in all markets.

High precision for your impression technique

  • Good elastic recovery, high elasticity, and easy to remove from the mouth.
  • Suitable for two-step impression (Lastic® Xtra Putty and Lastic® 90 Fine) and functional/one-step impression techniques (Lastic® function Medium).

User-friendly setting characteristics

  • Variable setting time possible by specifically dosing the activator.
  • Sufficient working time, relatively short intraoral setting time.

Very cost-effective

  • Manual mixing of the materials for a decidedly cost effective procedure.
  • Favorable price/performance ratio.

Universal hardener paste