Panasil® and Silginat® from Kettenbach Dental awarded with “Best Product” rating

With its products and 70 years of experience in the dental market, Kettenbach Dental has had a significant influence on dentistry. A guiding principle in the development of its impression and restoration materials is to simplify daily work in the dental practice and to ensure reliably good results. And this is exactly what the specialists at “Dental Product Shopper” confirm—they evaluated two of Kettenbach Dental’s products with the “Best Product” rating.

Impressively simple and precise

The US “Dental Product Shopper” review publication regularly has experienced dentists test established and new dental products for their clinical suitability. Kettenbach Dental’s products—Panasil and Silginat—were recently put through their paces. The two impression materials, Panasil for precision impressions and Silginat for anatomic impressions, impressed testers with their easy handling and high precision in particular. For many dentists, their outstanding material properties make them the first choice for daily use.


Users praised Panasil as a material for precision impressions specifically for its ability to sharply capture the finest details, even with residual moisture. Low-viscosity Panasil initial contact shines in this regard thanks to its excellent flow behavior resulting from its exceptionally high hydrophilic properties.

For Silginat, the A silicone for all alginate applications, users highlighted its high dimensional stability in particular, which allows impressions to be stored for many weeks and poured repeatedly.

Reliable in daily dental work

Kettenbach Dental products are known as high quality materials that are easy to use and extremely reliable. This success also comes from the comprehensive research and development that Kettenbach Dental invests in its products. Users benefit, as did the dentists from Dental Product Shopper who praised the easy handling and practical product advantages in their evaluations, true to the Kettenbach Dental motto: Simply intelligent.