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So 2 in 1 is Visalys® Cemcore
The composite for all work under restorations


Visalys CemCore is a dual-curing, adhesive cementation composite that is suitable for cementing all indirect restorations and is compatible with all dental materials (metal, oxide ceramic, silicate ceramic, etc.). Along with conventional restorations such as crowns and bridges, very challenging restorations, such as Maryland bridges (adhesive bridges) that require an extreme adhesive strength as well as highly esthetic restorations such as veneers that require precise working and high color stability, can also be reliably cemented. Visalys CemCore can also be used to safely and easily create core build-ups.

Visalys CemCore

Product is suitable for

Product is suitable for


Core build-up


The adhesive, dual-curing cementation and core build-up material Visalys CemCore enables all work under the restoration to be performed with just one composite.

Universal cementation composite
  • Cementation of all dental restorations, even in the highly esthetic anterior region
  • Suitable for all dental materials used in the final cementation
  • Can be used with all etching techniques
  • Core build-ups, even in difficult situations
Safe and simple work
  • Very easy removal of any excess, optionally with fine control of the initial light curing (tack curing)
  • No mixing of components required
  • Associated primers do not have to be light cured: no blocking due to primer coats that are too thick, reliable curing even in sites with no light access
  • All components are free of bisphenol A, a bonus for health and our environment
Highly esthetic, also in the long term
  • Low sorption of stains due to the hydrophobic property of Visalys CemCore, prevents staining of the cement joint
  • The right shade for every patient: 5 shades each with a matching try-in paste
Permanently high adhesive bond and reliable core build-up
  • Cementation composites must be as hydrophilic as possible while also having very good flowability. Core build-ups require a high degree of stability and a material that swells as little as possible. Kettenbach Dental has developed a groundbreaking technology that simply eliminates the conflicts: Active-Connect-Technology (ACT) allows optimal mixing of the somewhat hydrophobic cementation composite Visalys CemCore with the hydrophilic Visalys Tooth Primer on the damp surface of the tooth. The innovative composite achieves a high adhesive strength despite its hydrophobic properties while also avoiding swelling.

Technical Information

Shear bond strengths with different materials
Visalys CemCore combined with the Visalys Restorative Primer always achieves good adhesion (>5 MPa, based on ISO/TS 16506) regardless of the restoration material.
High color stability
Due to the hydrophobic properties of Visalys CemCore most cementation composites are hydrophilic penetration and absorption of liquids and stains are reduced. The cement joints do not stain and the esthetic properties are retained.
Shear bond strengths after self-curing only
Visalys CemCore achieves outstanding adhesion thanks to its unique Active-Connect-Technology. Integrated phase-transfer catalysts ensure that the self-etching Visalys Tooth Primer that is applied to the tooth, which does not require light curing, and the Visalys CemCore composite are homogeneously mixed together.
water sorption
Minimal water sorption ensures very good dimensional stability and reduces the risk of restoration fractures.