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The universal nano-hybrid-filling-composite

Visalys® Flow

Visalys Flow is a flowable nano-hybrid-filling-composite for all small class I to VI fillings. It combines flow behavior and stability in a pleasant way. It is suited for restorative therapy in anterior and posterior areas.

Visalys Flow shows very good wetting and adaptation to cavity walls.

The specially developed Flex Shade System enables efficient work with only 7 shades for aesthetic restorations. The coveted chameleon effect of the new nano-hybrid materials will help you choose the right color in no time at all.



Visalys Flow

Visalys® Flow is suitable as a filling material for

Visalys® Flow is suitable as a filling material for

Filling minimally invasive cavities of all classes

Luting translucent prosthetic pieces

Repairing defective fillings

Esthetic shape correction


Visalys Flow is an aesthetic universal composite for all cases of direct tooth restoration - let Visalys Fill inspire you!

Flex Shade System for your easy shade selection
  • Choose the right shade with the aid of the Flex Shade System
  • Blends harmoniously with the cavity due to the chameleon effect for all 16 VITA shades in the anterior and posterior area with just 5 shades
  • Two additional colors for special situations
Pleasant handling
  • Perfect balance between flowability and stability
Outstanding mechanical properties
  • Extraordinary high filler content of 80%
  • High flexural strength of 112 MPa
  • Low decrease of flexural strength after alternating thermal load
Long filling durability
  • Minimal discoloration due to low water absorption
  • Low wear resulting from sophisticated filler technology for durable fillings

Technical information

Top flexural strength even after exertion
Thermal load corresponds to up to 12 months in the mouth (5000 cycles at 5°C and 55°C). The values represent sustained stability under in-vivo conditions
2) Kettenbach Internal Measurement R&D, according to DIN EN ISO 4049, 2022
Very high inorganic filler content
For good stability that lasts and for excellent compatibility due to high biocompatibility.
3) Kettenbach Internal Measurement R&D, 2022
Low water absorption
Prevents discoloration of fillings and enables long-lasting esthetics.
2) Kettenbach Internal Measurement R&D, according to DIN EN ISO 4049, 2022 | 4) Shade stability after 24 hours storage at 37°C
Low shrinkage
For long lasting restoration and for anchoring the filling in the tooth cavity. Reduces the risk of marginal gaps and secondary caries.
5) Kettenbach Internal Measurement R&D, according to DIN EN ISO 17304, 2022



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