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So precise is Panasil®
Precise with no compromises

Panasil® initial contact

Panasil initial contact is a Light body based on A silicone with a particularly high initial hydrophilicity for precision impressions. It is available in three versions:

  • X-Light—very low viscosity
  • Light—low viscosity
  • Regular—medium viscosity
Panasil initial contact

Products are suitable for:

Products are suitable for:

Panasil initial contact Light

Double-mix impressions
Sandwich impressions


Panasil initial contact X-Light

Two-step impressions

Panasil initial contact regular 

Foil impression

Double-mix impressions


Precise with no compromises, that’s what Panasil stands for.
The most hydrophilic Light body material on the market is impressive and perfectly coordinated with the tray materials.

  • Optimal flow based on exceptional initial hydrophilicity ensures reliability and precision even in difficult oral situations, e.g., problematic hemostasis
  • Dimensionally stable recovery
Comfortable and easy working and processing
  • Fast and easy to apply using all conventional dispensing guns, e.g., Applyfix 4 for impression materials
  • Outstanding flowability and highly thixotropic: flows into narrow gaps and does not drip from the tooth
always the right product
  • Panasil initial contact X-Light—very low viscosity
  • Panasil initial contact Light—low viscosity
  • Panasil initial contact Regular—medium viscosity

New 50 mL cartridge system

So economic. So safe. So easy.

Continue to rely on our quality dental impression materials „Made in Germany“.

Technical information

Excellent initial hydrophilicity
Panasil initial contact is hydrophilic right from the first second. This is confirmed by measuring the contact angle: The faster and flatter a water drop spreads on material that has not yet set, the more pronounced the hydrophilicity of the material. Panasil initial contact achieves a contact angle of less than 10° after just 3 seconds.

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