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So precise is Panasil®
Precise with no compromises

Panasil® binetics Putty

Panasil binetics Putty is a genuinely kneadable putty based on A silicone for precision impressions available in a 5:1 Jumbo cartridge. It offers true comfort when taking impressions thanks to the two versions that are available, Panasil binetics Putty Fast and Panasil binetics Putty Soft.

Panasil binetics Putty

Products are suitable for:

Products are suitable for:

Panasil binetics Putty Fast 

Two-step impressions


Panasil binetics Putty Soft 

impressions/double-mix impressions
Functional margin contouring


Precise with no compromises, that’s what Panasil stands for.
Panasil Putty was introduced in 1982. Since then the kneadable precision impression material has written its own success story. After more than 35 years of steady development, thousands of users still rely on the material.

  • Good trimming properties thanks to the appropriate hardness
  • Simple application from the convenient 5:1 cartridge using all conventional mixing machines
  • Consistent quality thanks to the exact, reproducible dosage from the convenient Jumbo cartridge
  • High viscosity for adequate pressure generation
  • Easy removal from the mouth thanks to ideal elasticity
  • Dimensionally stable recovery
  • Minimal saliva flow thanks to neutral taste and smell
  • binetics Putty Fast - kurze Mundverweildauer (Abbindeende 4 min), hohe Endhärte (Shore A 63)sehr empfehlenswert für: Korrekturabformungen, Folienabformungen
  • binetics Putty Soft - reduzierte Endhärte (Shore A 56) für eine noch leichtere Mundentnahme sehr empfehlenswert für: Sandwichabformung, Doppelmischabformung, Funktionelle Randgestaltung

Technical Information

Setting comparison
For every indication Panasil has the most ideal putty. For patients with periodontal damage to the residual dentition, a putty with low final hardness is used, for example. In contrast, a putty with high final hardness ensures the best dynamic pressure and excellent trimming properties