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Partial impression trays

Multi Trays

Multi Trays are partial impression trays made of plastic for single use for anatomical and/or precision impressions. Available in three versions:

  • Posterior
  • Anterior
  • Quadrant
Multi Tray Anterior, Posterior, Quadrant

Product is suitable for

Product is suitable for

Impressions for preparing temporary crowns and bridges

Partial anatomical impressions

One-step precision impressions for preparing fixed dentures (1–2 tooth stumps)


Multi Trays are suitable for the use of anatomical impression materials (e.g., Silginat) as well as medium-viscosity to high-viscosity precision impression materials (combined with low-viscosity materials).

Time saving & economic
  • Combines three working steps (impression, opposing dentition impression, and bite registration) in one
  • No additional adhesive required
  • Scannable
  • No laborious placement of a precision impression tray
  • Easily disinfected
Simple & versatile handling
  • Suitable for inlays/onlays or single crowns
  • Stable, grooved tray sides for high strength
  • Thin, mobile, tear-proof gauze for precise impression results
Multi Tray