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So unbreakable is Visalys® Temp
For the fabrication of brilliant temporary restorations

Visalys® Temp

Visalys Temp is a temporary crown and bridge material for exceptionally stable and fracture-resistant short-term and long-term temporary restorations based on a multifunctional acrylic composite. The minimal shrinkage ensures well-fitting and tension-free temporary restorations from crowns or bridges to inlays/onlays to highly esthetic veneers.

Visalys Temp

Product is suitable for

Product is suitable for

Fabrication of temporary crowns, partial crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers



Customization of preformed acrylic and metal crowns
Fabrication of long-term temporary restorations


Visalys Temp is suitable for fabricating temporary crowns, partial crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers.

Outstanding reliabilty
  • Exceptional fracture resistance & very good marginal stability thanks to the high flexural strength & high elastic modulus
  • Suitable for short-term and long-term temporary restorations
Easy handling
  • Well-fitting & tension-free temporary restorations thanks to the minimal shrinkage
  • Final temporary restoration can easily be added to or repaired even after curing
  • Easy and precise processing
High esthetics and reliabilty
  • High luster polishing even without pastes or varnish
  • Chameleon effect due to tooth-like translucence and opalescence
  • Free of bisphenol A, a bonus for health and our environment

Technical Information

The low abrasion indicates that temporary restorations made of Visalys Temp show only minimal wear under chewing loads.
Flexural strength
The high flexural strength of Visalys Temp lowers the risk that a temporary restoration in the mouth will break under high or sudden chewing loads
Endurance limit
Visalys Temp is also suitable for use as a long-term temporary restoration because the material remains resistant to fractures even after aging.
Elastic modulus
The high elastic modulus of Visalys Temp ensures that temporary restorations are resistant to deformations. The oral situation is reliably preserved until the final restoration is placed.

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