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So comfortable is Identium®
The best of both worlds: A silicone and polyether

Identium® Heavy

Identium Heavy is a high-viscosity monophasic precision impression material made of Vinylsiloxanether that delivers particularly good results in the double-mix technique thanks to the optimal pressure build-up when combined with Identium Light. It is available in fast-setting and normal-setting versions.

Identium Heavy

Product is suitable for

Product is suitable for

Double-mix impressions


Identium combines the benefits of two established impression materials (A silicone and polyether) working together in perfect harmony. The unique material Vinylsiloxanether sets the benchmark in the one-step impression technique.

Greatest precision
  • Perfect flow even with residual moisture enables the preparation margins to be reliably determined.
  • The short intraoral setting time means there is less chance of deformation during the setting phase.
Greater comfort for user and patient
  • Easy removal from the mouth thanks to high elasticity
  • Low risk of breakage when fabricating the model
  • Neutral taste and smell
  • Short intraoral setting time
  • Considerably reduced gag reflex and movement
Time-saving Fast version
  • After a total of just 3 minutes and 30 seconds, the impression can be removed from the patient’s mouth.

Technical Information

Easy removal from the mouth
Thanks to the elastomeric properties, the impression can be comfortably removed from the patient’s mouth or the plaster model—without unwanted tooth extractions or broken stumps on the plaster model.
Comfortable setting times
The sophisticated material combination of Vinylsiloxanether ensures a long working time and a short setting time.
Incredibly detailed preparation margins
In a moist environment the initial wetting behavior of the impression material plays a major role in the precision. This is measured by the contact angle.