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Futar® D Slow

Futar D Slow is an injectable, elastomeric bite registration material based on A silicone for creating precise impressions of the occlusal situation and is suitable for applications that require a hard silicone. Thanks to the long working time, Futar D Slow is particularly useful for time-consuming bite registrations.

Futar D Slow

Product is suitable for

Product is suitable for

Bite registration


Futar D Slow is impressive thanks to its extra-high final hardness (Shore D 43) and extra-long working time for time-consuming applications (e.g., as part of myocentric bite registration) and can also be used for a wide range of applications in the laboratory.

  • The extra-high final hardness (Shore D 43) minimizes compression when mounting models in the laboratory
  • Precise results thanks to the outstanding flow properties
  • Easy to handle and easy to process with a bur
  •  Highly thixotropic so it does not flow away into the interdental spaces but remains stable on the tooth
  • With a 90-second working time, Futar D Slow ensures plenty of time for myocentric bite registration and custom margin contouring, for example, and is particularly well suited for use as an insulating agent or fixation material combined with other A silicones in implant dentistry or anywhere where a particularly hard A silicone is used in the clinic or laboratory.