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Mucopren<sup>®</sup> Soft

Mucopren® Soft for relining. Strong adhesion guaranteed!

Other products
Panasil<sup>®</sup> lab Putty & Panasil<sup>®</sup> lab Putty Soft

Panasil® lab Putty is a kneadable, addition-curing overcast material based on vinyl polysiloxane with a high final hardness and is therefore ideal for use as an overcast and bite index material. Other laboratory work such as model fabrication for fracture and crack repairs can be easily carried out.

Other products
Multi Tray<sup>®</sup> Anterior, Posterior, Quadrant

Partial impression tray made of plastic for single use for anatomical and/or precision impressions.

Other products
Orthoskavident<sup>®</sup> C

Orthoskavident® C is a application liquid for cleaning and drying prepared cavities and tooth stumps. Can be used for all external applications in the dental practice that require a clean and oil-free surface.

Other products