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So adherent is Mucopren® Soft
Sticks to the prosthesis and its promise

Mucopren® Soft

Mucopren® Soft is a soft long-term relining material based on A silicone for removable dentures. Mucopren® Soft is suitable as a solution for atrophied jaws. Mucopren® Soft also provides noticeable relief for temporary and implant restorations. The material remains permanently soft and its smooth surface enables it to be worn for long periods.

Mucopren Soft

Soft relining

Soft relining

For relieving pressure on the surgical site after insertion of implants
For balancing mucous membrane areas with different resilience
For relieving pressure of sharp bone edges

For relining interim prostheses
As mucous membrane conditioner in case of prosthetic stomatitis

For creating and relining obturators


: Mucopren Soft is usable for direct and indirect applications and achieves excellent adhesion to acrylic dentures through the patented Mucopren Adhesive.

Comfortable processing
  • Can be used chairside and is applied in just a few minutes
  • Only 3 minutes processing time in the water bath or pressure pot
  • Can be easily processed with scalpel and bur
High wearing for patients
  • The particularly smooth, hydrophobic silicone surface offers protection against microbial contamination*
  • Permanently elastic
  • Completely odorless and tasteless


Long lived
  • Outstanding adhesion, does not detach from the prosthesis
  • High tear resistance, long service life

*Concluded from in vitro studies which showed that the smooth silicone surface prevented Candida albicans growth