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So stable is Visalys® Core
Stable core build-ups, even without matrices


Visalys Core is a dual-curing composite for difficult and freehand core build-ups as well as root post cementation. Special network formers create a reversible interaction between the fillers and give the user the possibility of controlling the stability using the application speed.
At the same time, the flowability is greatly increased due to shear forces during application from the mixer. The integrated, patented Active-Connect-Technology (ACT) ensures secure adhesion with all conventional light-curing or dual-curing one-step or multi-step adhesives.

Visalys Core

Product is suitable for

Product is suitable for

Core build-up

Root post cementation


Visalys Core the dual-curing core build-up and root post cementation material specially developed for difficult and freehand work.

Stable even in difficult situations
  • Excellent stability (even without matrices) and at the same time very good flowability
  • Self-curing property ensures reliable core build-ups even in sites with no light access
  • Core build-ups are pressure resistant, stable, and form a reliable monoblock comprising root post and core build-up
Reliable adhesive bond for durable restorations
  • Completely without additional activator
  • Can be used with conventional adhesives: regardless of whether light curing or dual curing or a one-step or multi-step system
  • Possible thanks to the patented Active-Connect-Technology (ACT)
Simple and reliable working
  • Dentin-like grinding property
  • Low application force
  • Light curing for immediate further processing is possible
  • Free of bisphenol A, a bonus for health and our environment

Technical Information

Mean removal depths when grinding different core build-up materials
Visalys Core can be precisely processed similar to dentin.
Adhesive bond between Visalys Core and dentin with different adhesives
Visalys Core achieves the clinically relevant adhesive bond of approx. 10 MPa with all materials.