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So precise is Panasil®
Precise with no compromises

Panasil® monophase Medium

Panasil monophase Medium is a medium-viscosity monophase impression material based on A silicone for precision impressions. It is available in two pack sizes:
convenient 5:1 jumbo cartridge (380 mL), 1:1 cartridge (50 mL)


Panasil monophase Medium

Product is suitable for:

Product is suitable for:

Monophase impressions
Fixation impressions
Pick-up impressions
Functional impressions


Precise with no compromises, that’s what Panasil stands for.
Thanks to its benefits, such as excellent hydrophilicity and outstanding thixotropy during processing and high final hardness after setting, the medium-viscosity material satisfies the requirements for perfect monophase impressions.

Precise impressions
  • High thixotropy with exceptional hydrophilicity enables first-class application
  • Optimal flow, which ensures reliability and precision even in difficult oral situations
Rapidly retained, securely transferred
  • High final hardness (Shore A 60) allows optimal retention and thus perfect and precise reproduction of primary parts
  • Practical working and setting time (each 2:00 min) gives you reliability
Universally applicable
  • Just as suitable for preparing crowns/bridges, inlays/onlays, and veneers as for fixation impressions.
Patient friendly
  • The odorless and tasteless material with a short intraoral setting time reduces patient stress.

New 50 mL cartridge system

So economic. So safe. So easy.

Continue to rely on our quality dental impression materials „Made in Germany“.

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