Panasil® Precision Impression Material Impresses in Use

With its products and 75 years of experience in the dental market, Kettenbach Dental has had a significant influence on dentistry. Panasil®, the precision impression material product family based on A silicone, has been impressing users in Germany and around the world for four decades and is synonymous with high precision, enduring quality, and maximum reliability. This has been confirmed once again in a clinical case study in which Panasil® Putty Soft and Panasil® initial contact X-Light have delivered exceptional results.

The clinical case

Dr. Elio Boschetti, a practicing dentist in Italy and a lecturer for Q&O courses for direct and indirect restorations with Dr. Luca Tacchini, describes the complex case of a 62-year-old patient in his report “A functional and esthetic rehabilitation, from mock-up to final restoration”. In his report he points out that, as well as careful planning, it is particularly important to use reliable materials to reproduce details with a high level of precision. This enables effective communication between practice and dental technician, thus ensuring the greatest possible success for the rehabilitation.

In this clinical case, the tray material used for the precision impression is the A silicone Panasil® Putty Soft, a kneadable tray material with reduced final hardness that serves well for the initial situation here: The optimal balance between dynamic pressure and low final hardness ensures a good initial foundation for adequate injection of the light body while simultaneously protecting the residual dentition when the tray is removed from the patient’s mouth.

Panasil® initial contact X-Light, a very low-viscosity A silicone with high hydrophilicity, was used by Dr. Boschetti as a correction material, which in combination with the tray material ensures that the finest details of not only the preparation but also of the soft tissues are replicated.

Detailed and reliable

“We place a great deal of emphasis on reproducing the actual oral situation of the patient as precisely as possible and to share the corresponding reproductions of the dental and mucosal situation with the laboratory so that the dental technician has the best possible conditions for creating the plaster model and the restoration,” said Dr. Boschetti in his report.

With the impression material from Kettenbach Dental, he can rely on high quality materials that are easy to use and extremely reliable. This success also comes from the comprehensive research and development that Kettenbach Dental invests in its products. Users benefit from this, as demonstrated in the clinical case of Dr. Boschetti described here.