New filling composites Visalys® Fill & Visalys® Flow convince with easy color selection and excellent mechanical properties.

Kettenbach Dental is expanding its composites division and has recently started offering nano-hybrid composites for direct filling therapy:

Visalys® Fill and Visalys® Flow have been officially available in dental trade since this spring. Both the flowable and packable versions cover all indications of classical filling therapy. The Flex Shade System has particularly striking properties: The pronounced chameleon effect of the new composites allows the entire Vita shade scale to be covered with just 5 colors. The outstanding strength even after loading and the impressive color stability ensure that the special aesthetics of the fillings are enduring for a very long time.

Universal composites with impressive handling properties
With Visalys® Fill and Visalys® Flow, Kettenbach Dental fills a gap in its portfolio and introduces two light-cured, radiopaque nano-hybrid filling composites to the market that can be used for all class I to VI fillings, in line with universal composites. Initial feedback from dentists confirms the excellent handling of the new products.

While Visalys® Fill impresses with its smooth, glossy surface, is very easy to pack and adapt and almost does not stick to the instrument, Visalys® Flow impresses with its successful balance between flowability and stability. Due to the good wetting ability of cavity walls, it is excellent for underfilling, while its good stability makes it an ideal partner in minimally invasive filling therapy.

The Flex Shade System
As the name suggests, the Flex Shade System allows for flexible color selection. The five A-shades can also be flexibly used for B, C, and D shades, so that no more than five colors need to be stocked for standard procedures. The additional shade Bleach is suitable for particularly bright teeth, and if discolorations need to be covered, this is reliably achieved with the opaque shade OA2. This is made possible by the pronounced chameleon effect: The intelligent coordination between transparency, filler size, and filler morphology causes the color of the immediate surrounding of the filling to be reflected into it, leading to harmonious integration of Visalys® Fill and Visalys® Flow fillings into the surrounding tooth structure.

High inorganic content for quality and durability
The new nanohybrid filling composites contain predominantly inorganic dental glasses, while the organic component portion is minimal. This not only results in very high initial strength of the material but also high long-term stability, reducing the risk of discoloration, and excellent biocompatibility.

Important Award

Quality and innovation prevail, as the latest award for Visalys® Fill and Visalys® Flow proves: Kettenbach Dental is very proud coming with the recognition of the "Vote of Confidence" by Catapult Education, a platform providing exceptional and innovative dental education. In order to be nominated for the “Vote of Confidence”, at least 90% of all users from a Catapult field test must be satisfied with a product. In the case of Visalys® Fill and Visalys® Flow, this rate was actually 100%. It simply doesn't get any better than that and shows, that the advantages of the two new restorative materials go directly to the user.