Clear results from a non-interventional study

Impression material Identium® impresses dentists and laboratories across a broad base

In a large-scale non-interventional study with 318 patient cases, Kettenbach Dental had the precision impression material Identium® put through its paces for the one-step impression technique. The conclusions drawn by the dentists and the dental laboratories were clearly positive: particularly regarding highly relevant criteria such as flowability, intraoral setting time, working time and the level of detail, Identium® certainly knew how to impress. 

Identium® is a unique impression material made of Vinylsiloxanether® (VSXE®). Developed for the one-step impression technique, it combines the advantages of A-silicone and polyether in one product. The success of the concept is demonstrated by the results of the field study: the participants were consistently impressed by the Identium® product benefits. 

The field study

A total of 105 dentists took part in a non-interventional study conducted by Kettenbach Dental. They used Medium, Heavy and Light viscosity Identium® as part of their routine impression taking and documented the results in detail. 

In 58% of the patient cases, the monophase technique was used for taking impressions while in 42% of cases the double mix technique was applied. More than half the participants had used polyether in the past for this purpose. Just under 50% of the indications involved crown/bridge restorations with the remainder being fixation, function and relining. 

The assessment

The highly important criteria “precision of the impression” and “fit of the final restoration” were assessed as being very good and good in 86% and 83% of cases respectively. This is based on the detailed assessments: the flowability of the material was assessed by 89% as very good/good and the hydrophilicity was assessed by 86% as very good/good; the material flows very well on the tooth in a moist environment, generating high precision. The laboratories also confirmed this: In just under 80% of the patient cases, the labs were very satisfied and satisfied with the Identium®impression material. A sound base for successful collaboration.

Simply precise and good 

Identium® also impressed the participating dentists with its comfortable application: whether in terms of the ease of removing the material from the mouth, the material handling or the patient comfort – in more than 80% of cases Identium® was evaluated as very good/good for these criteria. 

It is therefore not surprising that 73% of the participants in the field study would now like to use Identium® for their impressions.

All the results from the non-interventional study, summarized in a handy leaflet, can be requested by calling 02774 705-99. You can find more information about Identium® at www.kettenbach-dental.de

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