Composite materials Visalys® from Kettenbach Dental receive international awards

Having been on the market for some time, the composite product line Visalys from Kettenbach Dental is steadily growing. The medium-sized company has created a high-quality foundation in the process: Three products from the Visalys portfolio of composite materials were recently awarded by the leading research publication The Dental Advisor from the US: Visalys Temp, Visalys Core, and Visalys CemCore—and not for the first time.

 The experts from The Dental Advisor evaluate dental products across a number of categories, testing their properties and clinical application. Great value is placed on handling in routine practice. The three composite products from Kettenbach Dental impressed the jurors particularly with regard to their handling:

Preferred Product 2024 Adhesive cement: Visalys CemCore

Visalys CemCore is an adhesive cementation composite that enables easy and reliable cementation of all indirect restorations to all dental materials. The jurors from the Dental Advisor were enthusiastic about the viscosity and stability of the material as well as the possibility of also being able to build up cores in addition to cementation. One product fewer to keep in stock was the argument.

TOP Award Winner 2024 Temporary restoration material: Visalys Temp

Visalys Temp is a multifunctional acrylic composite for fabricating particularly stable temporary crowns and bridges. The jurors from The Dental Advisor evaluated the outstanding fit thanks to minimal material shrinkage as important, along with the high final hardness that ensures not only easy processing but also particularly stable and long-lasting temporary restorations with good resistance to fracture.

TOP Award Winner 2024 Core build-up material: Visalys Core

Visalys Core with its unique Active-Connect-Technology is dual-curing and can be used for core build-ups and cementing root posts. Along with its dual indication, the jurors were impressed by the outstanding handling: They indicated that the material flows very well when needed but can also be used to prepare a build-up, depending on the pressure applied on the application syringe.

Unique quality, easy and safe handling, and benefits for the dentist are the main focus of Kettenbach Dental products. So it’s no wonder that they achieve international acclaim such as the awards bestowed by The Dental Advisor from the US.