Impressive: Impression materials from Kettenbach Dental awarded internationally

Futar, Panasil, and Silginat are products that have long been known in the dental sector as premium impression materials from Kettenbach Dental. The jurors from the leading research publication The Dental Advisor are also impressed by the user-oriented properties, awarding all three products at the start of the year. And something special: the bite registration material Futar Fast was awarded for the twelfth time in a row, for which it received a special accolade.

The experts from The Dental Advisor from the US evaluate dental products across a number of categories, testing their properties and benefits in clinical application. Great value is placed on simple and convenient handling in routine practice. The three impression material products from Kettenbach Dental convinced the jurors particularly with regard to their handling:

Preferred Product 2024 Impression material: Panasil

The precision impression material Panasil is a modern classic, providing an ideal tray and correction material for every indication and technique. Thanks to the pronounced hydrophilicity, high-quality impressions can be prepared even in moist environments. The jurors awarded Panasil as their “preferred product” due to its precision and reliability.

TOP Award Winner 2024 Bite registration: Futar Fast

Futar Fast, the bite registration material from the successful Futar family, scores extra points with high final hardness and a very fast setting characteristic. Thanks to the pronounced thixotropy, the material remains stable on the tooth without flowing away, an important feature for the evaluators. This is the twelfth award in a row for Futar Fast, a truly exceptional performance that was honored by The Dental Advisor with a special accolade.

TOP Award Winner 2024 Impression material: Silginat

Silginat is an impression material based on A-silicone that was specifically developed for alginate applications. Silginat has impressive thixotropy, flowability, and low tear resistance. The finished impression can be easily stored and repeatedly poured—an important feature for the evaluators from The Dental Advisor.

Unique quality, easy and safe handling, and benefits for the dentist are the main focus of Kettenbach Dental products. So it’s no wonder that they achieve international acclaim such as the awards bestowed by The Dental Advisor from the US.