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Four awards from The Dental Advisor – Kettenbach products show their strengths

Eschenburg, March 29, 2018 – The leading research publication from the USA, The Dental Advisor, regularly awards the highest quality materials used in dentistry. And the fact that products from Kettenbach GmbH & Co. KG are among them has once again been impressively demonstrated: no less than 4 products have been awarded.

The experts from The Dental Advisor test and evaluate dental products and their prop-erties and give awards in various categories.
The following products competed for Kettenbach GmbH & Co. KG and with success:

  • TOP Product Award 2018 Bite registration: Futar® Fast
    Futar® Fast, a bite registration material from the successful Futar® family, scores extra points with high final hardness and a very fast setting characteris-tic.
  • TOP Product Award 2018 Temporary restoration material: Visalys® Temp
    Visalys® Temp ensures temporary restorations are particularly stable and frac-ture-resistant thanks to its high level of hardness.
  • TOP Product Award 2018 Composite core build-up material: Visalys® Core
    Visalys® Core is a dual-curing material for core build-up and cementing root posts with unique Active-Connect-Technology.
  • Preferred Product 2018 Impression material PVS: Panasil®
    Panasil®, the precision impression material, is a modern classic and it provides an ideal impression material for every indication and technique.

What this means for dentists is that it doesn’t matter which Kettenbach product they use - the focus is always on quality and the benefit for their work. And successfully so.

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