Making an impression: identium from kettenbach dental receives catapult „vote of confidence“

The US platform for dental education, Catapult, recently had the precision impression material Identium from Kettenbach Dental evaluated by its affiliated dentists in Canada and the USA. The positive results led Catapult to expressing its “Vote of Confidence” in the product. The majority of the reviewers were of the opinion that Identium’s innovative product features clearly improve the impression process and therefore the results. Over fifty influential dentists from Canada and the USA regularly test and evaluate established and new products for the renowned Catapult Education platform. These reviewers check the materials against predefined criteria. The results are clinically relevant assessments by clinicians for clinicians that are highly regarded in the US market with many dentists placing their trust in the evaluations and opinions of these specialists. When it comes to Identium, it was significant for the test dentists that they perceived clear product advantages over materials previously used. By using Identium for monophase and double-mix impressions, users are assured of significant improvement in the impression process and thus greater precision. This is the key result of the evaluation: Identium — the Vinylsiloxanether impression material from Kettenbach Dental — provides reliable and accurate impressions and is a good choice for long-term use in the dental practice. Errors in precision impression-taking are the main reason for the Catapult tester`s assessment. When the final restoration is fabricated, these errors lead to an inaccurate fit, which then necessitates laborious and expensive chairside corrections.

In the worst case, the process may even have to be repeated at the expense of the dentist, laboratory, and patient. Identium from Kettenbach Dental is a precision impression material based on universal Vinylsiloxanether that combines the best properties of A-silicone and polyether. Pronounced initial hydrophilic properties, excellent flowability with high thixotropy, modern setting characteristics, and neutral odor/taste are just some of the advantages that ensure particularly precise reproduction and help prevent errors in the impression. And this is exactly the approach that convinced the Catapult test dentists. The full Catapult review can be viewed online at www.catapulteducation.com/reviews/kettenbach-identium