Kettenbach Dental makes Mucopren Soft – its permanently soft long-term relining material – even more practical

Thanks also to new adhesive technology

Mucopren Soft is a permanently soft relining material from Kettenbach Dental based on A silicone that delivers on its promise. Whether for direct use in the dental practice or for indirect use in the lab: Thanks to its diverse range of applications, Mucopren Soft has proven itself as a quality material. Further product improvements now help dentists and dental technicians work even more effectively: Mucopren Soft, thanks to its new adhesive technology, currently affords even greater convenience during application.

Socio-demographic trends clearly show that society is getting steadily older. This is likely to lead to increasing long-term demand for prosthetic treatment, whether as high-quality implant-supported dentures or as full dentures. So, a solution is needed for the interim restoration of newly placed implants or as a permanent alternative for patients with challenging, atrophic jaw diseases. This is where Mucopren Soft permanently soft relining material plays to its strengths.

Mucopren Soft – sticks to the denture and to its promise!

Mucopren Soft can be processed easily and safely, either applied directly chairside application or with the indirect technique in the dental lab. The patented Mucopren adhesive, which is also part of the system and based on A-silicone, guarantees excellent adhesion to acrylic dentures and prevents detachment from the denture and formation of gaps between the denture acrylic and the relining silicone.

With numerous advantages to become the market leader

Mucopren Soft is a material based on A-silicone. The resulting exceptionally smooth, hydrophobic silicone surface offers excellent protection against microbial contamination, inhibits bacterial colonization, and thus ensures hygienic conditions on the denture. Mucopren Soft is also suitable for long-term use or for use in implantology, such as for trouble-free osseointegration. Modern setting times and short waiting times ensure a fast and smooth process in the practice and lab. These attributes have made Mucopren Soft the market leader in the field of soft relining material in Germany (according to GfK, the German consumer research association).

New adhesive technology

The use of new adhesive technology reduces the waiting time of the denture, while the processing time with Mucopren Soft is down to just 3 minutes, whether chairside or in the lab. The Mucopren adhesive only needs to be applied once here. This makes the application even more effective in the lab and in practice.

Kettenbach Dental appears to have positioned Mucopren Soft – its proven soft relining material – well for the future. You can learn more about the product online at www.kettenbach-dental.com.