New integrated identity for Kettenbach Dental – communication that shows its teeth

Kettenbach, a long-established company operating internationally, has been a talking point for decades, chiefly for its inventions and product innovations in dental medicine. In the fields of both dental impressions and restoration, it has provided the basis for efficient processes and successful treatment in dental practices. Market-leading products such as Panasil® and Futar®, complemented by in-house development of innovative materials including Identium®, have for many years been making dentists’ working lives easier.

Our new identity focuses on this, as Kettenbach becomes Kettenbach Dental. In time for the company’s 75th anniversary in 2019, the new Kettenbach Dental identity makes the business as unmistakable as the products themselves.


Linking brands to the business

Our branded products bearing the ‘Made in Germany’ motto have been known and valued for many years across the world. Consequently, our new house style links the innovative strengths of Kettenbach Dental to the performance promise of our products, carried through by the conceptual device of making the company logo an element of the slogan. The familiar and striking circles in the logo have become letters. ‘KETTENBACH DENTAL: SOOO INGENIOUS’, in fresh blue colors, is just one example of the new company-focused approach.

Gabriele Jachnow, Head of Marketing at Kettenbach Dental, says: “We are delighted that our new house style expresses the outcome of a long strategic development process in such an ingenious way. On advertisements, on the website and in product brochures, there is a persuasive fusion of the company’s skills and the performance of its products. In March 2019 at the IDS, we shall be presenting the future world of Kettenbach Dental with a stand designed in every detail to reflect the new identity.”


Communicating product performance with a real bite

Every new development at Kettenbach Dental aims to offer the dentist a concrete user benefit. This is also reflected in the new multimedia house style. The intriguing design of the motifs, representing each key topic as a tooth, is a real eyecatcher – there is no more striking way of linking brand competence to product benefit. It makes clear at a glance that the dental team is assisted by Kettenbach Dental at every stage of treatment, and that it can benefit from the product featured. Because that’s what Kettenbach is all about: in the face of all the quality requirements, simplifying working processes at the practice and making them more efficient. “Simply intelligent” indeed!


From the IDS, out into the world

Professionals will be able to take a close look at the new identity for the first time in March, at the forthcoming IDS in Cologne. Kettenbach Dental will introduce its new communication style on a large scale at this leading trade fair for dental medicine. With a new product launch, the focus here will once again be on a genuine market innovation with potential for the future: the company remaining true to itself.


Company information

Kettenbach GmbH & Co. KG is an internationally orientated family business based in Eschenburg, Germany. Kettenbach develops, produces and markets medical products that satisfy the highest quality requirements in its two business areas, Dental and Medical. For 75 years now, customers have been relying on its products’ universal applicability and high quality. And the award of ‘TOP 100 company’ is just one indication that Kettenbach still has its finger on the pulse of the age. www.kettenbach.de

Further information:

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