Visalys® product family of restorative materials is growing well

Including a 2023 Readers’ Choice winner

Kettenbach Dental is expanding its composites division of Visalys® products. What started with a single material over a decade ago expanded to 5 unique restorative solutions for core build-ups, cementing, temporary restorations and, recently started, nano-hybrid composites for direct filling therapy: Visalys® Fill and Visalys® Flow have been officially available in dental trade since this spring.

Universal filling composites with impressive handling properties
With Visalys® Fill and Visalys® Flow, Kettenbach Dental fills a gap in its portfolio and introduces two light-cured, radiopaque nano-hybrid filling composites to the market that can be used for all class I to VI fillings, in line with universal composites. Initial feedback from dentists confirms the excellent handling of the new products.

While Visalys® Fill impresses with its smooth, glossy surface, is very easy to pack and adapt and almost does not stick to the instrument, Visalys® Flow impresses with its successful balance between flowability and stability. Due to the good wetting ability of cavity walls, it is excellent for underfilling, while its good stability makes it an ideal partner in minimally invasive filling therapy. And the trick is the so-called “Flex Shade System”, which has particularly striking properties: The pronounced chameleon effect of the new composites allows the entire Vita shade scale to be covered with just 5 colors. Simply intelligent.

Step by step high quality

It started with Visalys Temp, a temporary crown and bridge material for exceptionally stable and fracture-resistant short-term and long-term temporary restorations with outstanding esthetics. The minimal shrinkage ensures well-fitting and tension-free temporary restorations from crowns or bridges to inlays/onlays to highly esthetic veneers.

Next product launched was Visalys Core, suitable for challenging core builds and roots after cementing, that was the first step use of the unique Active-Connect-Technology from Kettenbach Dental. This allows for a reliable connection with both single and multi-step adhesives without the need for an additional one activator. Dental Product Shopper readers this year made Visalys Core the winner of the 2023 readers' choice.

Visalys CemCore, a dual-curing, adhesive cementation composite, follows and they call it “the composite for all work under restorations”, because it is suitable for cementing all indirect restorations and is compatible with all dental materials (metal, oxide ceramic, silicate ceramic, etc.). Visalys CemCore can also be used to create core build-ups safely and easily.

And this is how it should continue with the Visalys product family and the composite products by Kettenbach Dental. Let yourself be surprised what comes next.