Specifically developed for fixation impressions
VSXE® One will revolutionize monophase impressions

One would think that there is nothing new in the area of classic impression materials but that would be off target: Kettenbach Dental is launching VSXE® One, a material specifically designed for monophase impressions, for example, impressions of implants. The special feature of VSXE® One is that it has been explicitly developed for fixation impressions and its product properties are precisely tailored to this application.

The category of precision impressions includes the monophase impression technique, which, as the name indicates, is implemented in a monophase procedure. Fixation impressions, which are used to transfer implant posts or primary crowns when preparing implant restorations, play a special role here. This application places very specific requirements on the impression material to ensure reliable transfer of the oral situation to the laboratory.

Fixation requires high final hardness

To reliably fix the transfer elements as part of an implant impression, the impression material must initially flow closely around the posts, optimally surround them, and, at the end of the curing process (final hardness), fix the posts in position with no wobbling, with a material density that is as high as possible. This is important in impressions with multiple implants to retain, precisely, the three-dimensional arrangement of the posts. Otherwise the final restoration cannot be inserted. New VSXE® One is an elastomer precision impression material with an appropriately balanced proportion of vinylpolysiloxane and polyether, Vinylsiloxanether.

This unique formulation ensures that VSXE® One flows particularly well. And due to its exceptional hydrophilicity, it adapts well to tissue even in the presence of moisture. The final hardness of the material after curing is Shore A 65, a very high value that enables the posts to be reliably fixed in their initial situation.

Additional important criteria

The intelligent material combination of vinylpolysiloxane and polyether fractions in VSXE® One ensures a long working time with a short setting time. The short intraoral setting time prevents possible deformations during the setting phase and also takes the pressure off patients, who will also be very grateful for the neutral taste and smell of the material.

VSXE® One can be easily integrated into the practice workflow. It is available in automix 5:1 jumbo cartridges. The impressions can be stored indefinitely and allow for repeat pouring of the impressions. Another clear benefit is the ease of removal from the mouth or model, which not only increases patient comfort but also protects against unwanted extractions.

Harmonized overall concept

The overall concept of the new impression material for fixation, VSXE® One, also appears to hit home with users as shown by the results from an in-vivo field test from 2023 with 80 documented patient cases in Germany: 80% of participants consider VSXE® One to be an equivalent alternative to the polyether material they had previously used for fixation. There is now nothing standing in the way of the optimal restoration for the patient, to the benefit of both dentist and patient.