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Futar® Easy & Futar® Easy Fast

Futar Easy is an easy-to-apply bite registration material based on A-silicone for precisely capturing the occlusal relationships. It is available in Regular and Fast versions. Futar Easy & Futar Easy Fast can be used for precise registrations and are suitable for applications requiring a hard silicone (Shore-A 90). At the same time, Futar and Futar Easy can be trimmed very well. Due to the shorter processing time, Futar Easy Fast is particularly useful for "smaller applications“.

Futar® Easy

Product is suitable for

Product is suitable for

Bite registration



Futar Easy is characterized by easy application, a high final hardness (Shore A 90) and flexibility in processing. Also available with fast-setting characteristics: for more patient comfort!

  • Low dispensing force - easy to apply
  • Easy to handle and easy to trim with a scalpel
  • Highly thixotropic so it does not flow away into the interdental spaces but remains stable on the tooth
  • Immediately start applying the material: no discarding, no waste
  • Matching color code: the cartridge cap and shield on the cartridge correspond with the mixing tip by color

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